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Each BARREROOM METHOD workout is led by one of our expertly trained Barreroom master instructors to ensure safe, fun and easy to follow classes. Our goal is to guide you through your workouts offering descriptive cuing and demonstration to ensure proper form, encourage challenge and deliver the most effective and fun workouts possible. We want it to feel like we are right there with you, motivating and inspiring you to push past your own limits!


Our expansive variety of signature Barreroom Method workouts take foundational barre movements, and elevates them through structured sequencing of full range and micro movements targeting specific muscle groups to sculpt and define the entire body. Pair all this with killer beats, top tier instructors and you’ve got an energetic, effective full body workout like nothing else. In addition to an ever growing library of Barreroom Method barre including Barre FULL BODY, Barre Core, Barre Power, 30 minute Barre & GO and more, you will also be able to enjoy a variety of other workouts such as HIIT, targeted mini sessions, stretch and mindful meditation …we promise you will NEVER get bored! Move your body and get lost in the music!



Get ready to stream our high definition quality and sound videos on any device anywhere, anytime. Take us with you on vacation, work trips, or just to your living room. Anywhere you go, we go! Every membership gives you full access to our entire collection of classes …you’re all VIPs! Our platform gives you the flexibly to decide with no limits.


Our method focuses largely on controlled body weight movements posture and balance so while many classes may be enhanced by some equipment all workouts can be done with absolutely zero equipment. That said you will likely want to have a yoga mat and a set of 2-3lb dumbbells for your workout. Some other optional equipment include a mini resistance band, small pilates ball, glider discs, and a yoga block…but you can still get an effective full body workout without!


Unlimited Barreroom Method workouts.
Anywhere. Anytime.

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