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*ALL NEW 2024 Kickstart Program

Whether you jump into this program as a fresh start to the year or anytime throught the year is it the perfect way to KICKSTART your fitness routine! Make today your Day 1 of a new wellness chapter!!! This 14 day program incoprorates the best of our newest workouts following a focused upper body, lower body & full body split each day with a bit of cardio sprinkled in to ignite that metabolic burn. Lets kick it into high gear!

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2021 Fit for Fall Challenge

Fall into a new season feeling stronger and more energized. This 30 day challenge with help you reach your fitness goals through daily Barre, HIIT & Sculpt workouts broken down into specific weekly focuses ; Week 1 & 3 Barre/HIIT , Week 2 & 4 Strength & Sculpt and finishing with three POWER/CARDIO days. You can also follow along with our bonus daily/weekly checklist to get the most out of this month (find it under our About tab > Blog). Let’s get Fit for Fall!!!

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2021 Sweat to Summer

Our second annual Sweat to Summer Challenge is here! Join us for this 5 week program as we help motivate and inspire you to head into Summer feeling amazing! In this challenge you will participate in daily workouts mixing Barre, HIIT & Sculpt sessions along with recovery days.  You can also find a printable bonus weekly challenge in our newest blog post “2021 Sweat to Summer Challenge” on the platform main page under “About> Blog” Get ready to turn up the heat on Summer!

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2022 ALL IN for FALL

Take the guesswork out of your daily workouts and find your perfect fitness routine this fall with this 14 day kick start program. This program focuses on the fundamentals of barre for seriously targeted toning, while mixing in higher intensity during the second week to challenge your cardiovascular endurance. Week 1 will highlight a Strength & Toning focus while Week 2 will dive into a slightly more Cardio & Endurance based focus. Let’s go ALL IN FOR FALL!

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2022 Leap into Spring Challenge

Are you ready to jump in with both feet? This 14 day Spring Break Challenge will reignite your fitness routine with daily barre,  HIIT & Sculpt workouts to catapult you into a new season feeling your strongest self! We have included two rest days where we encourage you to get active outside doing something you enjoy! Visit us our INSTAGRAM (@barreroom) highlights titled “Leap into Spring” for a bonus This or That challenge to add a little extra SPRING in your step!

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2023 Spring Refresh Challenge

It’s one of our Community favs and for good reason!!! Through expertly curated daily workouts, this 3 week Challenge Program will help you create a routine that will change the way you look at fitness. We take the guesswork out of choosing your workouts by creating a challenge calendar to follow each day, pushing you to reach new goals. We also have a couple of fun music theme and team teach surprises to wrap up week 3! Get ready to finish this Spring season a stronger and more confident YOU!

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21 Best of 2021

Are you ready for the best of the best!!? We have rounded up the top 21 onDEMAND workouts as chosen by YOU, our Barreroom Community! Bring on the top rated Barreroom barre, HIIT & Sculpt workouts!

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30 Under 30 Challenge

Commit to 30 minutes or less a day for 30 days and find your strongest, longest and leanest self! We truly beleive that you dont always have to workout longer for maximum results….you just have to workout with us;) These shorter workouts will challenge you head to toe as we get right down to business making the most of our 10-30 minute classes. Challenge accepted!!

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BARREROOM Community Top 20 Challenge

The challenge inspired by YOU! We have curated the top 20 favourite workouts as voted by YOU, our amazing virtual Barre Community. This 23 day challenge takes you through 20 favourite 30-50 minute workouts with a few rest days sprinkled in. And just like our incredible barre fam, the classes are just as unique as you! Get ready to pulse, squat, lunge and sweat with us!

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Best YOU 30-Day Challenge

Are you ready to create your best YOU? If the answer is YES, you’ve come to the right place.  This 30 day challenge will push you to new limits challenging balance, flexibility, strength and cardiovascular endurance as we take you through a variety of barre, HIIT and mini sessions to help you reach your ultimate fitness goals.

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Breaking Down the Barre

This single 45 minute introductory session breaks down the ins and outs of the Barreroom Method as we talk a bit about what barre is and what makes our method so effective. We will then dive into a foundational class focusing on specific posture and form cues while covering the basics of muscle group knowledge to help you get the most out of your home barre workouts! We also highly recommend reading our blog titled “Home Barre Workouts for Beginners” to get started!

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This all out fat burning program will push you past any fitness plateaus and catapult you to a stronger, leaner you! Sweat through these 10 days as we bring you only the best of our cardio focused Power Barre and fast and furious 24 minute BR HIIT workouts. The heat is ON!

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CORE Rebuild

Looking to tighten and flatten your tummy or build abdominal strength? This program will zero in on the centre body with full length core focused workouts and targeted abdominal mini sessions. Get ready to plank your heart out!

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Foundations of Prenatal Barre

Expecting mommas this one is for you! This pregnancy friendly program lead by prenatal certified instructor Taylor, takes you through a 6 session series to learn the foundations of pregnancy safe barre then builds on those foundations to find length, strength and overall mind body connection to support your fitness goals while growing that little babe. After completing this series you will be a able to take away prenatal suitable modifications to help you in many of our regular lower impact barre workouts. As always we recommend consulting your doctor before starting any new fitness program.

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IGNITE Program

The program of all programs. This 5 week program challenges all aspects of fitness as we break down each week into a targeted focus.

WEEK 1 : Power – using daily barre workouts incorporating cardio intervals, we challenge every part of the body to create powerful lean muscles.

WEEK 2: Strength – following structured days alternating upper body, lower body, and core we zero in on functional full body strength.

WEEK 3: Tone – through lengthening full body barre, focusing on posture and endurance, this week will tone and tighten from head to toe!

WEEK 4: Sweat – this week we incorporate HIIT and cardio workouts to burn fat, torch calories and get that metabolism fired up…let’s get sweaty!

WEEK 5: IGNITE – the finale…in this last week we wrap things up with a series of workouts from each week….the ultimate finisher to challenge every inch and of your body and every aspect of fitness!

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No Equipment TONE UP

Wanting to crush those goals but don’t have any of the regular props and equipment handy? This quick and effective program of 10, 30 & 50 minute full body workouts gets the job done without any additional equipment. While small hand weights or something weighted you can hold is ideal, the only thing you really need is one very powerful workout tool…YOUR BODY!

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Reawaken Series

This 3 part mini series guides you through short but grounding daily meditations; Relax, Release, Reflect,  to help awaken and harness your truest self in both the “big” picture and the day to day. Carve out these brief mindful moments to become more inspired, balanced and connected.

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Restore & Reset

Find balance in this restorative series as we guide you through a 5 day stretch & meditation program. Expect to come out feeling revitalized, more grounded and more focused. It’s an overall mind, body and soul reset.

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It takes 21 days to form a new habit. Commit to these 21 days for increased metabolic burn, serious muscle toning and improved overall cardiovascular fitness. Get ready to sweat in this higher impact, cardio and toning focused program. Good habits are a win win!

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Spring Breakers Challenge

With Spring Break travel and events limited these days, we’re bringing the Spring Break fun to you…and your body with actually THANK you! Get ready to challenge your body is all new ways as we dive into two weeks of BARRE, HIIT & SCULPT workouts, many of which can be adapted to take outdoors on those beauty Spring days. Plus this one includes a bonus SPRING FUN challenge calendar (check out our latest blog post for your printable calendar – under the main menu ABOUT / Blog ).

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Strengthen, Lengthen & Tone

The best of barre! This is the perfect program for those needing a little extra push into finding a strong barre routine. Get ready for a mix of powerful barre workouts mixed with mini targeted sessions and stretch routines.

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Want to commit to results driven fitness routine but can’t seem to find enough hours in the day? This effective 10 day program will target and tone a specific body focus each day…and all you need is 10 minutes. We don’t mess around!

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The 2021 COMEBACK Challenge

The challenge that will CHANGE you! This 30-day challenge program will reignite, refocus and recharge your mind, body and soul. You will find a mix of the very best of what BARREROOM onDEMAND has to offer, to keep you motivated and excited to crush each and every workout! Are you ready to make your comeback and show this year who’s boss? One your mark, get set……GO!

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The BOOTY Program

14 days to a bangin’ backside….no if’s and’s or butts! Through seriously targeted glute & hamstring focused daily workouts, we’re helping you build the booty of your dreams. We’ll also add in some cardio and stretch sessions to help ease the burn and deliver maximum toning results! A mini loop resistance band is highly recommended.

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The Express Program

Commit to just 30 minutes a day to create a stronger, longer and leaner body! This three week program takes you through a series of daily full body barre workouts ranging from 25-30 minutes. Each week we also sprinkle in our signature BR HIIT workout to challenge your cardiovascular endurance and spike that metabolic burn. This program also includes built in rest days for optimal recovery! Let’s GO!

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Barre Power
Glute Rx
All About Abs
Arms Focus
Legs for Days
Mindful Meditation
Stretch & Unwind
Cardio Crush
Upper Body Sculpt
Lower Body Burn
Prenatal Barre
Band & Booty
Pilates 101
Pilates Sculpt
Band + Cardio
Breaking Down the Barre
Full Body Strength
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Full Length 50-55 Min


Foundational and functional full body barre movements with a focus on balance & core stability to create longer and stronger muscles. This class incorporates the use of body weight, small hand weights and resistance bands & balls as we work through structured sequences to isolate and target specific muscle groups and find movement in the body. This is an all levels class.


The class that will catapult you towards your longest, strongest and most POWERFUL body ever! BarrePOWER combines foundational barre movements and cardio/ plyometric intervals to get your heart rate and metabolism fired up! Not a fan of cardio? Or maybe working through an injury? We got you! We will make sure you get the most out of each class with non-cardio options. Get ready for seriously targeted toning! This is an all levels class – modifications will be offered!


The class that will help you achieve your longest and strongest body. Barre ELEVATE incorporates full body, foundational barre exercises with the use of micro movements and pulsing to create long lean muscles and improve posture & flexibility. This class requires the use of a sturdy stool, chair or wall for stability. Get ready…were going to keep you on your toes! This is an all levels class.


This perfect mix of barre & chill! 30 minutes of the full body barre toning you know and love, followed by a 20 minute lengthening, soul lifting, candlelit stretch and meditative reading. This class is the perfect end to the day and will leave you feeling more relaxed and connected; mind, body & soul. A space with the option to “go dark” and light candles is recommended;) This is an all levels class.


This class is the perfect balance of full body foundational barre movements and seriously targeted abdominal work designed to create heat in the body and work every single muscle head to toe. Whether you are rebuilding weak abdominal muscles, looking to improve posture or working on that 6 pack, this class will zero in on the entire core using focused exercises and breath to strengthen and define your center. This is an all levels class.


This class is most definitely a triple threat! ARMS, ABS and yep, you guessed it, ASS! 50 minutes of booty, upper body and core work with short HIIT bursts for some seriously targeted toning. AAA is suitable for all levels and optional modifications will be offered.


A great place to start if you are new to Pilates, want a refresh, or want to really perfect the foundation of your Pilates practice. Pilates 101 syncs breath and movement to improve core strength, stability, muscular endurance and flexibility. While covering the basics, we promise you will leave feeling anything but basic. This is an all levels mat based class.


Get ready to build lean muscle while  fat burning benefits. This foundation mat Pilates class is designed to sculpt and tone your legs, butt, arms and deep abdominal muscles while building core stability and muscular endurance. But wait there’s more…we level this one up by incorporating props such as light hand weights, blocks or resistance bands to up the intensity of your Pilates practice. Get ready to sculpt!


Lean muscle and fat burning effects…yes and yes! This 50 minute class guides you through a fun and effective strength focused workout using a variety of weights to help build strong lean muscles, improve bone density and increase fat loss. We will also mix in some small cardio bursts to keep those muscles fired up all the way through!

Express (25-30 Min)


All the barre you know and love in a little less time! Be prepared to move as you challenge your entire body from head to toe in this 30 minute express workout! Add one of our 10 minute targeted mini sessions for a little extra push!


Lean arms, toned back, strong core…check! This upper body focused workout will sculpt and define using a variation of light & heavier weights along with other resistance equipment. Oh and expect a few push ups too!


Give your lower body some love with this glute, quad and hamstring targeted workout…if you’re lucky we might fire up those inner and outer thighs too! Using a mix of heavier weights, resistance equipment and body weight, this class will bring the burn, helping you strengthen and tone that lower half.


Seven tracks, 24 minutes, infinite sweat. BR HIIT will take you to new levels of fitness through cardio and strength intervals using primarily body weight and the beat of a killer 7 song playlist to keep you motivated and moving. We’re bringing the party to you!


Get stuff done with this double dose of body weight band work + cardio intervals. In just 20 minutes we deliver the ultimate full body sweat session!


Looking to find a deeper connection to your inner self or maybe wanting to dive further into ways to ease anxiety, practice kindness & love or harness self-awareness & creativity? Our guided mindful meditation sessions are the answer. Set aside 25 minutes for YOU!

Focus Sessions (10-15 Min)


Working on that 6 pack? Looking for a little extra abdominal toning? Guided by breath and music this mini session will focus on exercises to wake up your centre body, strengthen weak abdominal muscles and help you work towards a flatter more toned core! Grab your mat and get ready to plank!


Your daily dose of vitamin Booty. The perfect remedy to shape the butt of your dreams!


Let’s zero in on that upper body! Crush this targeted arm session for lean, sculpted and defined biceps, triceps and shoulders!


Long and lean…this one is all about building a strong but lengthy lower body through challenging body weight focused exercises.


All the sweat, in less time. Smash out this quick cardio / HIIT interval session on it’s own or add it onto any other workout for the perfect heart pumping full body burn!


This fun yet challenging glute focused workout fires up that booty fast through a series of resistance band exercises! This is a great activation warm up to do prior to other workouts or on it’s own if you’re a little pressed for time.


Feeling that deep muscle burn from all that barre or maybe just needing some extra time to breathe and relax? This stretch session will help lengthen and loosen tight muscles and allow you space to find balance and become more grounded. Add it on to your regular barre workouts or just enjoy it after a long day. Ready, set, exhale.

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