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Letting out a big sigh of equal parts relief and excitement as we send summer packing and welcome the new Fall season. Even more than previous years, it is expected this fall will be one of many changes and uncertainty, so what better time than now to find balance, wellness and movement with US! Today we are sharing some tips to help you fall (pun intended) into a fitness routine that is both rewarding and attainable. 

Commit to one of our PROGRAMS

Whatever your goal may be, we have the perfect program for you. Looking to torch fat, create leaner muscle or improve your cardiovascular endurance? Give our 21 Day Shred a go! Feeling a bit anxious or unbalanced heading into this new season? Start with our quick 5 Day Restore & Reset. We have a handful of different programs in a range of days to allow you the flexibility to choose a fitness routine works for you.

Set yourself up for success (literally)

Success always starts with having a clear plan. Declutter and set up a permanent space clear of distractions within your home or office that you will roll out your mat. Knowing this is always YOUR space will help you stay committed and save you time on getting started. The less time to fuss around setting up, the less time you have to loose that motivation to start your workout. 

Start positive new habits 

It’s always hard breaking old bad habits, especially the ones we picked up over the summer. To make this a little easier, start small and build from there. Even the smallest changes can help you reach your goals in the long run. Think of simple things like drinking a big glass of water instead of that coffee first thing in the morning. Focus on smaller portions at meals or limit processed food. Every little bit makes a difference.

We hope our platform and community will motivate and inspire you to reach your goals this season! We are all in this TOGETHER!

Much barre love,



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