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Welcome to the world of barre. Whether you have heard about this fast growing workout or not, it’s likely you have a million questions. Is barre like ballet classes? Do I have to be flexible? What if I don’t have the proper equipment? Are barre workouts really suitable for all levels? I’ve heard the burn is real?We are breaking all of this down to give you all the ins and outs of jumping into barre workouts from home. So you can come out stronger, longer & leaner… with a few extra dollars in your pocket! (Yes, you read correctly. Read on to see how our home workouts offer huge financial savings!)


If barre is completely new to you, our method is for YOU! So what exactly is barre? The foundations of barre incorporate small isometric movements with micro pulses, along will full range movements to target and tone every muscle (even the tiny ones you didn’t know existed). Many of the movements are functional exercises you may be familiar with such as lunges, squats and planks. We also introduce variations of these moves that increase mobility and flexibility in the body with the added support of a bar railing (but FYI, you don’t need a bar— more on this to come). Our method then pairs this with easy to follow structured sequencing timed to fun, upbeat music. But don’t worry, you wont feel like you have to keep up with any choreography… everything flows with you as you feel it! Within a few classes you will get a feel for the method which will allow you to dive into your workouts and reap the endless benefits of barre!

The Benefits of Barre

Barre truly is one of the best full body workouts for a number of reasons which we will break down below, but the number one reason barre is so effective is that it actually has a rehabilitative effect on the body. Unlike many workouts that “stress” the body in order to see physical changes, barre utilizes low impact, posture correcting exercises that will not break down joints but instead strengthen them, in turn allowing you to consistently put forth maximum effort to achieve your fitness goals and soak up all the benefits of barre.

  • Improved balance, posture & flexibility
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness and improved metabolism
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved mind body connection
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Toning and weight loss
  • Strengthens large and small muscles as well as joints and ligaments

Let’s get started!

Live in a studio condo or maybe you’re on a tight budget? All good! The great thing about barre workouts is you don’t need a lot of space or equipment. We do recommend a yoga mat to ensure proper grip and support when working from the floor. The size of your mat is really about all the space you need. As far as equipment, many of our classes use light hand weights and other props such as mini resistance bands, glider discs and mini pilates balls, but every class can easily be done without or modified using items from around the house. See our handy swaps below:

Weights – soup cans, full water bottles, other small weighted objects

Band – pantyhose or tights tied into a small loop

Ball – small pillow, toilet paper roll, kids toys like balls or stuffed animals

Glider – tupperware lid, paper plate (on carpet) / dish cloths or any small piece of fabric (on hardwood)

What to expect from the BARREROOM onDEMAND platform

Now that you have a better idea of what barre is and what you need to get started, we are going to give you a crash course on how to navigate the platform and make the most of your home barre classes. Our platform was created to be extremely user friendly. Once you have committed to starting a workout we wanted to make the actual process of choosing your workouts super easy and so we have some tools to help you build your perfect workout routine. The main workout collection clearly displays all 200+ videos in order of newly uploaded at top to oldest as you scroll further down. Each is titled with the class name, instructor and date added. But before you start dreading scrolling through hundreds of videos — we got you! Simply use the filter tool barre to choose your ideal class length, body focus (arms, core, full body workouts etc), instructor and class style. You can also filter for low impact, cardio or even prenatal options. You will also find a drop down that breaks down in detail what each class style offers. We promise we have something for all fitness levels and goals. If choosing a class daily with the filter tool still seems like more work that you’d like, we also offer dozens of expertly curated Programs & Challenges ranging from 5 days to 5 weeks. This means once you choose a program to start, each day the platform will return you back to where you left off in the program guiding you through your next workout using our real time calendar. Our Breaking Down the Barre Series is a great starting point when joining Barreroom onDEMAND. All you have to do is press play and from there the beat of our fun and upbeat playlists and motivating instructors will have you engaged to the end of each workout!

So how do online barre classes differ from in-studio classes?

We have broken this down into 6 fundemental reasons.


Today, more than ever people are truly beginning to see the value in how they spend their time. Think of the added time getting “ready”, driving (a pain for those who live in high traffic cities) and parking to go to an in-person class. Only to spend less time actually in-class and then pack up and drive back home. With at home workouts you can show up as you are, roll out your mat and voilà! In under an hour you can accomplish what would have taken at least two or more if you attended an in-studio class. And bonus, if you literally only have ten minutes before work or while the baby is sleeping, we’ve got you covered too. Anything is possible with BARREROOM onDEMAND because you decide! Pretty convenient, huh?


This one is likely one of the biggest factors. More than ever finances are tight for many. Despite so many people wanting to be able to support their local businesses and fitness studios it’s more often than not, just not in the budget. Online classes offered through our onDEMAND platform make working out affordable for EVERYONE and you are still continuing to support small buisness like us. Everyone wins! Let’s break it down really quickly. The cost of our standard in-studio monthly unlimited is between $99-150/mo depending on the terms, where as our onDEMAND offering is significantly lower at $15-24/mo. (plus your first week is FREE) Need we say more?


Anytime. Anywhere. Any device. We say this all over our platform and social media because it’s the truth. Who doesn’t love having everything they could possibly want in one place with just the click of a button? It really is that simple. You don’t need to have a fancy gym, copious amounts of equipment or endless hours in the day… our platform is accessible for EVERYONE.


Who doesn’t want 200 choices, versus 1? The answer is pretty clear. When attending an in-studio class you may have 4 classes with 3-4 styles to choose from per day. You’d be lucky if even one of these works for you and your schedule, let alone having the freedom to choose from any of them. When you view our onDEMAND Workout Collection, you’ll see hundreds of workouts with more variety than you could dream up. For example, we offer 5 different styles of barre, two types of HIIT, Sculpt, Stretch & meditation. Plus, a handful of motivating top-tier instructors. The best part is that any combination of these options is available to you anytime, day or night (or twice a day if you’re feeling adventurous). Our handy filter tool also takes the guesswork out of searching and with just a few clicks, will populate your perfect workout! There is a reason they say “variety is the spice of life!”

Global Community

It may almost seem like the opposite, but following our home workouts actually provides a deeper community feel than what you would get in person. With in-class numbers limited, the group of like-minded individuals you will find online through our social media platforms is next level. We have worked hard to cultivate and nurture this online community through thoughtful content, engaging posts, inclusive challenges and informative blog posts. This helps to keep our community tight knit… something you won’t find anywhere else. It’s what makes us who we are.


Being the very first barre dedicated studio to open in Kelowna, BC, we had a lot of education to put forth in helping our community and potential members learn about us and what barre is all about. We can’t tell you how many people were so nervous to come to a class because they felt they weren’t graceful enough, fit enough, flexible enough… you get the idea. While our number one goal with our physical space was to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, it was still a barrier for many. Fast forward to our onDEMAND platform where you are offered the comfort of doing our classes, whether brand new to fitness or an avid barre goer, without a care in the world. No one is ever watching. Although we do agree, it sometimes feels like our instructors can see you , we promise they cannot… because creepy right? Do classes in your jammies, bed head, dirty sweats… anything goes when you’re at home!

So aside from delivering effective, full body workouts for all fitness levels, what really sets Barreroom onDEMAND apart from other online fitness platforms? The answer is simple; at its core we are a Community. We want every single person to feel connected, inspired and motivated to be the best version of themselves and we are always here cheering our community on through our social media channels and engaging with you through your screen in each and every video. There is a place for everyone in our virtual community — we hope you will join us!

Much love,

Chelsea (Founder | Barreroom)

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